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Tue 21:30 
 The Penultimate Warriors scored a perfecto! Now, we enjoy "Shaun of the Dead" - BYTE (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 18:35 
 My new favorite parking spot... for a couple weeks anyway - Parking Spot 10905 (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 11:06 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 23:44 
 Creeping onto the airwaves in 15! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 22:43 
 VIKES50 - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 19:06 
 It's time for trivia! - The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 22:13 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 02:18 
Just occurred to me that I managed to go the whole day without seeing a single Zombie, for which I cannot feel more #blessed
Sun 00:44 
 Better late than ever - Red Sea Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 20:41 
 Big show tonight! - Fiji-13, real dom, LUNCH DUCHESS and 4th Curtis - Triple Rock Social Club (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 17:25 
 Desperately needed - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 16:46 
 Checking things out - Target (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 16:04 
 Rain or shine, right? - HPDL Brew And Stew (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 21:56 
 Pinball, yo - Tilt Pinball Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 19:48 
 Here for tunes! - Inbound BrewCo (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 13:11 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 23:02 
 [Daft] Punk - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 22:41 
 I totally forgot to check in - Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 14:44 
RT @mspbjDeBaun: I've confirmed with the broker representing the building: Taco John's will NOT be moving into 700 W. Lake St., Minneapolis.
Thu 14:00 
According to on site report from Uptown, alleged future Taco John's on Lake is now an alleged future Taco RON's (hat tip to @deardetective)
Thu 13:16 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 02:02 
 I must be out of my mind - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
11.10 09:56 
RT @efetusmpls: We've got a pr of tix for @paulwellerHQ at Pantages Theatre this Fri. 10/13. RT to ETW. Winner Wed at 10am.… RT @efetusmpls: We've got a pr of tix for @paulwellerHQ at Pantages Theatre this Fri. 10/13. RT to ETW. Winner Wed at 10am.u2026
10.10 18:59 
 Mo'trivia - BYTE (Minneapolis, MN)
10.10 09:36 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.10 19:03 
 Trivia, yo - The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
9.10 17:19 
I want to believe (City Pages: Looks like Uptown is getting a Taco John's)
9.10 12:01 
 Oh, right, "Columbus Day" - U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
8.10 03:15 
 Ah yes, perhaps something chicken-fried... - The Nicollet Diner (Minneapolis, MN)
8.10 00:38 
Believe the @kckmpls staff were really concerned all their fog machine juice was expiring tomorrow so they've used it all at @darkenergympls
7.10 22:21 
 Dark Energy (bring money for ART) - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
6.10 20:19 
 It's showtime - Eagles Club #34 (Minneapolis, MN)
6.10 12:28 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 23:52 
 Tom Petty (I am too late for) - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 22:43 
 90s Preservation Society in the house yo - BYTE (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 19:58 
 Im Nordost städt ein hofbraühaus...Tri-vi-asco — with Ian - Gasthof zur Gemütlichkeit (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 12:38 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 01:53 
 Moon needs flaming hot smacks - Super America (Minneapolis, MN)
5.10 01:17 
 Whoa Wolves are on - Grumpy's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
4.10 23:25 
 [redacted] - The Draft Horse (Minneapolis, MN)
4.10 11:36 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.10 23:01 
 GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY - Last Call (Minneapolis, MN)
3.10 19:08 
 Trrrrrrrrrrrrivia! - BYTE (Minneapolis, MN)
2.10 17:30 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
30.9 21:05 
 Dancing away hate... well maybe not the "dancing" part (maybe after a few beers) - Mike 2600, Craig Lambert and Dirty McKenzie - The Nomad World Pub (Minneapolis, MN)
30.9 01:05 
 Moar pinball! - Mortimer's (Minneapolis, MN)
29.9 20:20 
 Illuminate the Lock! - Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam (Minneapolis, MN)
29.9 00:33 
 Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 23:20 
Sneaking in again - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9 23:01 
 Fast cash for... - TruStone Financial Federal Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
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